Geography Bee is a competition to stimulate and encourage the learning of geography for 5th – 8th grade students.  Questions are designed to test the participant’s knowledge of geography. The questions will cover names and placement of locations of geographical importance, identification of location of cultural and physical features and regions, the distribution and patterns of languages, relations, economic activities, population, political systems, physical phenomena, changes in places and areas through time, tools geographers use and all other aspects of geographical importance (students should study from geography and history textbooks and other sources of current geographic information). The Geography Bee will be conducted similar to a traditional overall spelling bee. Questions will be taken from National Geographic Geography Bee materials.


After two incorrect responses the participant will be eliminated from the Bee. When the Bee is down to two contestants, they will compete in the Championship Round. This round consists of five questions. Both contestants will be asked a question at the same time and will have fifteen seconds to write their answers. The answers will be checked and the contestant who answered correctly the most questions will be the champion. Championship rounds will continue until a winner is declared.


1.  Each school may enter two contestants.
2.  The decisions of the judges is final.
3.  Participants must respond to questions within fifteen seconds.