The LCS Festival ends on Saturday evening with a celebration festival where students are recognized for their achievements. During the service participants are recognized for their performances and the top three scores are read. The top scorers in each category will receive a medal of achievement. All other categories will receive a ribbon (elementary) or a certificate (middle and high). The top score in each category will also receive a trophy for their school.

Several specific categories are featured as “Performance Categories.” A Performance Category is a category that is chosen during the event for presentation in the celebration service. If a category is a performance category, it will be announced during the service prior to the reading of the top three scores in that category. The winner of that category will have a few minutes to prepare before presenting before the entire audience. It is wonderful time for everyone to see the rich talent that populates our schools!

Superior With Invitation

A new designation this year for grades 6 – 12 is “Superior with Invitation.” This rating is given to category scores that reach the top 3% of that score range (i.e. a 40 point score range must earn 38.8 points or higher). If a student scores as “Superior with Invitation,” then they are encouraged to advance to the District Fine Arts Festival for a chance to advance to Nationals. The LCS Festival has aligned its categories to facilitate a seamless experience for your children.