The LCS Festival is a discipleship tool intended  to help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts. Although competitive elements are present, providing a competition venue is not the primary mission of the Festival. Through the Festival, students are given the opportunity to have their skills evaluated by qualified ministers, industry professionals, and educators who encourage excellence, offer ideas for improvement, and inspire students to use their gifts in the local church, community, and around the world in ministry or secular vocation. Scores are not as important as lessons learned, experience gained, and skills developed.

Rules Agreement

All participants must read and abide by the Festival Rulebook. It is the responsibility of each participant to be familiar with the rules and procedures of this festival. No other person will be held responsible for a participant’s lack of information.

By signing the 2017 registration form and attending or participating in a festival, principals, teachers, leaders, parents and students acknowledge that:

  1. They have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules of this Festival.
  2. They will accept the decisions of the coordinators and evaluators as final.

LCS Festival

Students must register with their school, or be an individual member of the League of Christian Schools, or one of it’s subsidiaries. Students may not participate with multiple schools. If the student attends more than one member school,  he/she must select only one school with which to participate.

The following ratings are given to presentations:

  • Up to 19 points:  Fair
  • 20-26 points:  Good
  • 27-33 points:  Excellent
  • 34-37 points:  Superior
  • 38-40 points:  Superior with Invitation (upper division only)
  • -2 points:  Time Violation
  • -2 points:  Rule Violation

A “Superior with Invitation,” or “Advance” rating qualifies and encourages a student to participate in the PFYouth District Fine Arts festival to be held in May. If no presentation within a category receives a “Superior with Invitation” or “Advance” at a district festival, then no one in that category will advance to the next level of evaluation.

Participants advancing to the next level of evaluation may improve their work even to the point of completely changing the selection of their song, script, sermon, or artwork.

If mistakes are made in computing point values or if other situations arise that require attention at the festival, contact the Festival Director.

Participant Requirements

LCS Festival is open to all Christian students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Participating students must be enrolled in grades 3-12 in a Christian school as of September 1, or be a bona fide home school student.
  2. Participants must attend a school that is a member of the Florida League of Christian Schools (FLOCS), or the International League of Christian Schools (ILCS), divisions of the League of Christian Schools (LCS), or hold an individual student membership with one of the above agencies.

District FAF Registration Forms

Each student who qualifies by receiving a “Superior with Invitation” or “Advance” rating at the Festival and wishes to participate in the PFYouth FAF must submit the appropriate registration form or register online and pay the accompanying fee. LCS Festival winners will receive discounted registration fees as a benefit of competing in the LCS Festival. The PFYouth registration form is available at

Evaluation Process and Ratings

Each participating school shall provide the names of qualified judges. The names of officials/judges, along with qualifications, must be submitted one month prior to the competition for consideration.  If parents of participants are being utilized as officials, they may not judge in an event in which their own child is participating.

Three qualified evaluators, chosen for their education, expertise, and impartiality evaluate each presentation by using the following general criteria:

  • Selection
  • Communication
  • Presentation and Technique
  • Effectiveness

Specific evaluation criteria for each category is found at the LCS Festival website.

An average of the scores from three evaluators determines the rating of each entry.

There may have callbacks in categories with a large number of entries. Callbacks are issued to a top percentage or number of the entries receiving a “Superior with Invitation” rating. Callbacks serve to assist the evaluators in choosing the top three participants in a category. The categories conducting callbacks at the Festival will be listed in the official program.

Presentations must receive a “Superior w/Invitation” rating to be considered for a Callback. However, receiving a Superior does not automatically qualify a student for a Callback or other award. Evaluation sheets are not distributed for callback presentations.

The rating that participants receive during their initial presentation is the rating reflected on the evaluations sheets distributed and is the rating that serves as the permanent record for scholarship verification.

Code of Conduct

The League of Christian Schools maintains a high standard for its participants and attendees. Parents, leaders, students, and guests involved in this Festival should be committed to the ministry and should represent Christ in their behavior.

Parents, leaders, students, and guests are expected to demonstrate integrity, respect, and support for all other schools, teams, evaluators and participants. An overly competitive attitude, rudeness or unsportsmanlike conduct is not acceptable and is considered grounds for dismissal.

It is the responsibility of all participants and attendees to leave a positive impression at the facilities and on the people with whom we work. Therefore, any participant or attendee showing disrespect for people or property may be disqualified and dismissed from competing.

Dress Code

Appropriate dress is required for all entries—keeping category norms, intended audience and ministry effectiveness in mind. Schools leaders should be prepared to enforce school dress codes during the festival.

Equipment Provided

Download list of equipment that will be provided at the Festivals.

Where space or other limitations require, the Festival reserves the right to remove or limit the availability of provided equipment and adjust stage sizes.

Room Configuration

Every effort is made to provide adequate space for all presentations. However, be prepared to adjust your presentation according to room and stage sizes.

Competitions such as speech, spelling, etc. are held in student classrooms which may limit the number of spectators. Therefore, in these competitions parents may not be allowed in the room for observation. However, the awards presentations are conducted in the auditorium and everyone is invited

Rule and Time Violations

Rule and time violations in any category will receive a two-point deduction per violation, per evaluator.


All presentations must reflect a clear Christian message, possess obvious redemptive value, and be presented with ministry effectiveness in mind.

Music used in any entry must present a message that contributes to effective ministry when viewed within the context of the overall presentation. Classical selections that were composed by church musicians, written for the church, or commissioned by the church are acceptable.

If there is any question regarding the Christian message of any content, the LCS suggests you make a different selection.

Selections or presentations that do not reflect a Christian message or lack an overall ministry-focused message may receive a two-point rule violation deduction or loss of points in the Selection or Effectiveness criteria of the evaluation.

The Festival coordinators reserve the right to disqualify and/or remove from display any entry deemed illegal or inappropriate for this festival in any way.

Time Limits

All scheduled events have time limitations (see specific category rules to find out time limits). Each presentation room has an official timekeeper. If a presentation exceeds the time limit, a two-point deduction from each evaluator is assessed.

Time for setup begins when the name of the entry/participant is called as being “up” and the announcement made that “your setup time begins now.”

Time for the presentation begins when a participant does or says anything to indicate the beginning of the presentation, including introductory remarks.

Approved Languages

Bilingual entries are not permitted.

Entries designated as American Sign Language categories must be presented entirely in American Sign Language. Entries designated as Spanish must be presented entirely in Spanish. Entries not otherwise designated, with the exception of Vocal Solo, Classical, Sr. must be presented entirely in English.

Background vocals must be in the same language as the presentation.

Group Entry Participant Guidelines

A group/ensemble entry is defined as a presentation given by two to ten students. If a category is specified as a small group/ensemble, it consists of two to four eligible students (e.g. Drama Ensemble, Small). If a category is specified as a large group/ensemble, it consists of five to ten eligible students (e.g. Human Video Ensemble, Large).

Choir and orchestra are the only group entries that are allowed more than ten participants; up to 75 members are allowed.

Entry Limit Guidelines

A participant or group of participants may not enter the same category of a division twice. There is no limit to the number of different categories in each division for which a participant may register.

There is no limit to the number of qualified entries from one school, unless the school imposes such limitations.


All attendees and/or participants, by their signature on the district and/or national registration form, grant permission to the League of Christian Schools and its subsidiaries to use the registrant’s image(s) and to photograph, reproduce, edit, publish and/or record any musical, dramatic, artistic, photographic and/or written presentation at the Festival without compensation to the registrant, author or creator of the work for the purpose of promoting the Festival and or LCS ministries. The author or creator of any entry used retains copyright ownership.

Copyrighted Material

It is the responsibility of the students, parents and school leaders to be completely legal and ethical in their conduct regarding copyrighted music, scripts or any other original published or unpublished works. All Festival participants should follow these guidelines:

  1. Never use digital or printed copies of music or scripts to avoid purchasing original materials.
  2. Never use software, sound files, video clips, quotes or any other copyrighted work for your presentation without obtaining the copyrights or the explicit written permission from the publisher or creator. Always give appropriate credit to the author or creator for all copyrighted materials used to create your Festival entries.
  3. Never use unpublished music or scripts without written permission from the author or creator of the work.
  4. Splicing should only be done after obtaining the proper license or permission of the copyright owner(s).
  5. Please note, you do not need copyright permission to use a purchased soundrack.

Approved Instrument Lists


The Festival will provide either a piano or keyboard for categories that require them; see individual category rules for specifications.

  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Synthesizer


  • Flute family
  • Oboe
  • English Horn
  • Clarinet family
  • Saxophone family
  • Bassoon


  • Horn family
  • Trumpet family
  • Trombone family
  • Tuba
  • Baritone (t.c./b.c.)
  • Euphonium


  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • String Bass
  • Harp

Rhythm/Alternate Strings (Festival provides a direct box and an amplifier)

  • Electric Guitar
  • 12-String Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass Guitar

Percussion, Traditional

  • Drums (and cymbals)
  • Bongo
  • Cajon
  • Orchestra Bells
  • Congas
  • Djembe
  • Guiro
  • Hand Bells
  • Maracas
  • Marimba
  • Shakers
  • Sandpaper
  • Blocks
  • Tambourine
  • Timbales
  • Triangle
  • Wood Blocks
  • Xylophone
  • Vibraphone
  • Timpani (Kettle drums)

A basic drum set is provided for some categories. See individual category rules for specifications.

  • Kick drum/single pedal
  • Snare
  • Two rack toms
  • Floor tom
  • Crash cymbal
  • Hi-hat cymbal
  • Ride cymbal

Additional percussion accessories are permitted (double bass pedal, extra cymbals, etc.) but must be provided by the participant; setup and tear down time limits apply.


  • Harmonica (Christian Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Contemporary, or Worship Team)
  • Electronic versions of approved instruments are allowed (except where category rules state otherwise) as long as the participant provides the necessary amplifiers and cords, and time limits are not exceeded.