Is the LCS Festival the same event as FLOCS Student Competitions?

Yes!  The LCS Festival and FLOCS Student Competitions are the same event. The Competitions Committee met in August of 2013 to discuss long needed changes in the competitions program.

How many participants can our school send per category?

We have all of the categories and the number of participants allowed in each, download the chart.

What categories will offer an Invitation to District Fine Arts?

Communication – Short Sermon
Communication – Short Film
Communication – Speech, Dramatic Quotation
Visual Arts categories – Upper Level
Dance categories – Upper Level
Drama categories – Upper Level
Instrumental categories – Upper Level
Vocal categories – Upper Level

How many categories can a participant register for?

As many as they would like, however, a participant can not register more then once in a single category.

Do I have to purchase Meal Tickets to participate in the Festival?

No, meal tickets are optional.  This is offered to make scheduling meal times easier in between performances.

Will the Meal Tickets be mailed to me?

No, they will be available for pick up at the Information Tent located behind Bush Chapel.